One girl I know

Talking to her, I felt like I was reading a book. A book that was framed up with the term ‘Life’. I questioned, why I said a book. Possibly because it was new to the world and mysterious. I felt like I was the first one to read it. And when I did, I couldn’t … More One girl I know

Secret Soul 

She had this way of holding out, She would never give up on her dreams, To accomplish them she would always catch some Zzzzz..  She would never chase a guy, Until he steals her food and fly.  She would think too much and make herself sad, But self-love was the matter that made her glad. … More Secret Soul 

Deep Inside Me 

​There is something I am hiding. Something that is deep within me, Something that bothers me and scares me out. Yes, it is something that I won’t be able to divvy up with anyone. Am I the only one having this secret, or everyone does? Is every human happy or do they hide their sad … More Deep Inside Me 


Sometime around midnight, When I was excited to write. I Thought about the day I had, It was dazzling and lovely, that made me glad. I wondered why it was lonely at night, may be because there was no one at my sight. I heard a sound of silence on the road, with the cryptic … More Moonlight


She was born with a dream in her eyes, A dream that helped her to rise. The day everyone expected it to be a boy, A father was gifted with a girl full of joy. Every time when she cried for long, It was her father who made her strong. She grew up with a … More Goosebumps

Life is Beautiful

Well, where should I start from? The day I was born and first cried, Or the moment me and my mother eyed. For the time I played and hurt my knees, My dad would always come and breeze. I remember my first day at school, When I didn’t leave my mom’s hand for that table … More Life is Beautiful


I’ve always wondered about her, yes! The one who is very special for me, The one who is enigmatic! I must be honest today wondering, What makes her so unique from others? What stand she holds in her life, How she would interpret things around her, What makes her so special? I observed her carefully, … More BEST FRIEND…